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Blue Sky Education Offers a Science-Backed Approach to Learning

Research shows that children learn best when they have confidence in and are comfortable with their teacher. Stability and clear expectations are crucial to the quality of instruction. Our teachers help your children grow their skills by making learning fun.

Blue Sky Education Cooperative Cares About Your Child's Success!

Unlike other online learning platforms, your child will have the same teacher for each lesson, allowing them to build on past success to accelerate learning.

Because you schedule your child’s lesson with their teacher directly, you can choose from multiple dates and times.

Your child’s teacher can adjust the pace and teaching methods to reach your child at their level. This allows your child to grow in their skills more efficiently.

About Blue Sky Education


We're Invested in Our Students

We’re a cooperative of teachers, educators, and lifelong learners whose passion is learning. We believe that the skills and concepts necessary to master languages and other academic accomplishments are best developed through connection. Communication and consistency are key tools that the teachers with Blue Sky Education use to help your child succeed.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Curriculum and Courses

Unlike other online education sites, Blue Sky Education offers both standard curriculum and a variety of programs. In addition to offering the widely acclaimed Journeys curriculum from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Blue Sky Education has created their own ESL curriculum.

While English language learning (ESL) is at the heart of our program, Blue Sky Education teachers also have the flexibility to create their own curriculum and courses. Baking, animal care, various science/STEM activities, and American Sign Language are just a few of the courses currently offered. 

Male Student Learning Online with Blue Sky Education
Female Student Learning Online with Blue Sky Education

Parents Select Their Child's Teacher, Courses, and Lesson Times

Each of Blue Sky Education’s teachers create an individual profile with information about their qualifications, teaching style, courses offered, and pricing. Parents may browse all profiles or search for teachers based on the category of classes they teach: ESL, Specialty Classes, or Tutoring. With just a few clicks, parents can view a teacher’s available times, purchase a package of lessons, and schedule classes up to two months in advance.

With Blue Sky Education, The Sky's The Limit!

Blue Sky Education’s business model allows for a truly unique educational experience for your child. Your teacher will have the flexibility to pause learning, accelerate learning, or even reteach skills that your student needs to succeed. This will ensure that your child is learning skills for the long term, allowing them to achieve a true mastery level of individual skills. Your child’s teacher will act as the lesson teacher and your learning partner, allowing your student and your family to have more personalized learning and communication. 

Blue Sky Education Student

How The Blue Sky Education Process Works

Connect with a Teacher, Schedule Classes on Your Time

We at Blue Sky Education understand the importance of finding the right teacher for your child AND for your family's schedule. We make the process simple with our Teacher Profile Directory. Just click through to browse all available teachers or sort teachers based on the classes you're looking for. It's just that simple. Let the learning begin!

Let's Chat!

We believe communication is important, so let's start a conversation today.

Have a question about Blue Sky Education or how we can help your child succeed? We’d be happy to talk with you. Complete the contact form or email us directly at admin@blueskyeducationcooperative.com. We look forward to hearing from you!