I'm Teacher Aimee.

Teacher Aimee

I’m so excited to meet you!  I love children and have a passion for both learning and teaching.  It is my desire to make learning fun and interactive. I want each child to realize their potential.  Together, we will work hard to achieve success.  Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your child’s learning journey.  

I live in a small town in Texas with my husband, my 2 teenage children and our dog, Wolfie.   When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, reading, baking, and taking long walks.




Class Pricing:  
  • 1 class = $15
  • 10 classes= $150
  • 20 classes= $300
  • Earn a free class for each referral of a new student
  • Earn a free class during your child’s birthday month


Available Courses:

1-on-1 English Class (25 minutes long)

*Please adhere to all Blue Sky policies.

*Please enter the classroom 5 minutes before the class begins.

*If you have not come to class by the 10 minute mark, and have not notified Teacher Aimee,  the class will be canceled.

*If you are unable to make it to class, please notify Teacher Aimee.  If you do not show and have not cancelled the class, you will forfeit that class.  

*If I am unable to attend a class due to illness or family emergency, I will work with you ahead of time to reschedule your class.  

*Come ready to learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions!  I’m here to help you achieve success. 


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