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Classes for Students of All Ages and Abilities

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Why Learn with Blue Sky Education?

The Heart of All We Do

We build connections with students daily, we teach, we learn, we explore, and we play! We value the connections that students, families, and teachers make in the classroom!

Unlock Your Full Potential

Our approach focuses on child-led learning, where the teacher collaborates with you and your child, accommodating each student's individual pace. This ensures mastery of each skill.

High Value Classes

All of our live classes are with experienced online teachers. Each teacher works with you to create a personalized learning plan based on your goals for your student. Some possible features include interactive lessons, homework, and feedback.

Comprehensive Lessons

Each of our lessons is comprised of vocabulary words, grammar, phonics, speaking, and listening. Younger learners will experience interactivity in lessons while older students enjoy literature-based learning.

Flexible Class Times

Your class on your time. Our teachers work with you to schedule classes at your convenience. Generous cancellation policies ensure you receive the full value of the classes you have paid for.