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    Lisa Goering

    Packages, or bundles of lessons purchased together, benefit both the teacher and the parent. They’re a convenient way for the parent to pay for multiple classes while receiving a discount AND they provide more classes for the teacher with fewer convenience fees assessed by the payment processor.  Packages are a win-win, but it’s important that teachers understand how packages work to be sure they’re using them correctly.

    Let’s use Sample Teacher as an example. During the Blue Sky onboarding process, every teacher establishes a regular price that they charge for one lesson. Sample Teacher offers ESL classes at $25/lesson. If a parent books just one ESL lesson with Sample Teacher, they’ll pay $25 for that lesson. However, Sample Teacher wants to encourage her parents to buy multiple lessons, so she offers a discount when parents purchase multiple lessons–10 lessons for $225, which works out to $22.50 per lesson. The parent will pay $225 for the package, but they will receive a package code with a value of $250 to cover the 10 lessons that are regularly priced at $25 each.

    NOTE: Teachers are in no way required to offer discounted lessons, but they should not create packages unless a discount is given because it would add unnecessary steps to the checkout and booking process.

    When a parent purchases a package, they receive an email with their package code which they’ll use to pay for the lessons they book. The details of the purchased package will appear in both the teacher dashboard and the student dashboard of the website as seen in the screenshots below. Here is a sample view of a parent/student dashboard:


    And here is a sample view of the teacher dashboard:


    When a lesson is booked using the package code, the lesson details will appear under the History tab:


    If a lesson is canceled, the lesson will be removed from the History tab and the cost of that previously debited class will automatically be reloaded to the package value.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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